Our team of professionals is deeply experienced in a wide range of practice areas. Below are some examples of how we can help you navigate through an often overwhelming and intimidating legal landscape:

Business Litigation / Business Law: corporation and partnership disputes, business fraud, executive terminations, unfair business practices and claims

Criminal Defense: drug crimes, drunk driving violations, restraining order violations, rape, domestic assault & battery, white-collar crimes, search and seizure, violations of the Miranda rights

Employment Law: racial discrimination, sexual harassment, workplace safety, wages and benefits

Personal Injury: wrongful death, accidents and disaster litigation, product liability / safety / recalls, motor vehicle accidents

Civil Rights: false arrest, police corruption, police brutality, false evidence, false confession, surveillance abuse

Estate Planning: last will and testament, power of attorney, executor documents, final arrangements, living wills

Negotiations: Contract negotiation is a process of “give and take” as two sides reach an agreement on an exchange of goods or services. Typically, in a negotiation, each party compromises on certain issues in order to attain what they want. This applies to contracts in sports, real estate, and commercial business matters. Taking sports as an example, professional athletes are compensated for their specific services, just like any other employee at a company. However, owing to the ongoing expansion of sports and entertainment industries, contracts in sports are becoming increasingly complex, with many more variables and conditions to consider.