Greg Lindsey works for Lagomarsino Law as an investigator of both civil and criminal cases in Nevada and California. With 30 years of experience, he has investigated white-collar crimes, domestic matters, sexual harassment, motor vehicle accidents, wrongful death, civil rights, and employment discrimination claims. Greg has interviewed, researched, and prepared hundreds of witnesses, subjects, and reports for his clients.

Shortly after entering this field in 1985, Greg was hired by one of the largest aerospace companies in the industry, where he rose to the top of the company out of 145 investigators. In addition, he has also worked with smaller firms specializing in criminal and civil investigations and served as Director of Education for investigators, while conducting and coordinating undercover operations.

Greg also assists as a paralegal for the firm where he conducts client intake meetings, requests medical bills and records, drafts demand letters for clients who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents, and assists attorneys in handling settlement negotiations for clients.

Greg resides in Las Vegas with his wife, and is involved in a favorite pastime of advising college athletes and Major League Baseball players around the country.